High Polish Opal Titanium Navel Jewelry

High Polish Opal Titanium Navel Jewelry

14g 10mm Titanium Navel Jewelry with  Internally Threaded Double Synthetic Opal Titanium Navel Jewelry

Internal 1.2mm

Keep it simple while creating a look that fits your style with these 14g double opal titanium belly button rings. This titanium jewelry is 3/8” long with 5mm/8mm synthetic opal balls and has internal 1.2mm threading, making it suitable for new piercings. 



  • Material: Titanium 6Al-4V-Eli ASTM F-136
  • Gauge: 14g (~1.6mm)
  • Length: 3/8” (~10mm)
  • Ball sizes: 5mm,8mm
  • Threading: Internal 1.2mm


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